About Michael Echan

I’m your typical failed athlete-turned sports writer: tried to make it on a D-1 baseball program in Philadelphia, but a lack of talent, strength and two shoulder surgeries got in the way. Thankfully, though, it turned out that I could actually put together a few coherent sentences in a row, especially when it came to baseball. In 2005, I won the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association’s best college sports writer award, becoming only the third non-UPenn winner in the past 23 years.

In my first go-around with MLB.com, I covered the Minor Leagues for MiLB.com from 2005 to 2008. There, I gained a better understanding of the whole process that goes into creating and refining a professional baseball player. It was also at MiLB.com where I was exposed for the first time to the incredible wealth of statistics and information regarding the game. Since then, I have developed into a bit of an amalgam of a baseball fan/writer: one part of me being an amateur sabermetrics follower, seeing the value and power of statistics, while another part of me cherishes the human element of the game; gut instincts, defying “conventional wisdom,” clutch situations and all the other intangibles.

Now I ply my trade for MLB.com’s fantasy department. This allows me to get my number-crunching fix while (hopefully) giving me an advantage over my friends in my main fantasy league.


All things baseball, football, photography, hapkido (a martial art similar to taekwondo), weight lifting & running, The Wire (only the greatest show EVER made), craft beer, heavy metal (think Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed, Megadeth, Sevendust…)